Why Visit the Water Bird Sanctuary in Rameshwaram?

January 29, 2023 By hotelrameswaramgrand Rameshwaram Tourist Places

Rameshwaram is best known for its beautiful beaches and temples. But many do not know that Rameshwaram is home to a thriving water bird sanctuary, making it a must-visit place for bird lovers.

The Water Bird Sanctuary is located on Rameshwaram Island and on the way to Dhanushkodi. The sanctuary covers an area of over 2 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of bird species. Some of the most common birds in the sanctuary include spot-billed pelican, painted stork, and Asian openbill stork. These birds are known to migrate to the area during winter, making it the perfect time to visit the sanctuary.

Wildlife and Other Attractions Near the Water Bird Sanctuary

The Water Bird Sanctuary in Rameshwaram also hosts a variety of other wildlife, including many species of fish, reptiles, and mammals. Visitors can take a guided tour of the sanctuary to explore more about the different species found in the area and the conservation efforts to protect them. In addition to the sanctuary, Rameshwaram is also home to several other wildlife-related attractions, such as the Dhanushkodi Bird Sanctuary and the Rameshwaram Sea Turtle Conservation Centre.

Why is It a Bird Watcher’s Paradise?

The diverse species of birds provide a beautiful experience to people looking to explore this unique ecosystem. The Rameshwaram water bird sanctuary is a must-visit destination for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.

How Can You Reach the Water Bird Sanctuary in Rameshwaram?

The Water Bird Sanctuary is on its way to Dhanushkodi. You can visit the place by bus, car, bike, etc. However, after a certain limit, you need to walk through the sanctuary, which offers a great nature walk.

Rameshwaram Water Bird Sanctuary

Entry Requirements

Entry to the water bird sanctuary is free – you don’t need special permission to visit this place. However, visitors must protect the area and not feed the birds. Plastic items are not allowed inside the Water Bird Sanctuary.

Water Bird Sanctuary Timings

You can visit the sanctuary from 7 AM to 6 PM. The best time to visit the place would be as early as 7 AM since you can see most birds. Late in the evening, from 4 PM to 6 PM, is also an excellent time to visit the Water Bird Sanctuary.

Quick Tip

Having binoculars is added advantage since you can enjoy birdwatching. If you don’t have one, you can still have excellent sightings of migratory birds.

Other Tourist Places Near Water Bird Sanctuary Rameshwaram

  • Ramanathaswamy Temple
  • Arichal Munai, Dhanushkodi
  • APJ Abdul Memorial
  • Krusadai Island
  • Pamban Bridge
  • Rameshwaram Beach

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