Was There Ever A Bridge Between Sri Lanka And India?

August 24, 2017 By hotelrameswaramgrand Travel

It’s always interesting when modern science clashes with long held beliefs. Could myths be true? Or, are they just a figment of our imaginations?

Some legends like the lost city of Atlantis that were earlier dismissed as a tale have now been proven to be true! Could the Rama Setu story be another Atlantis? No one can tell for sure, but it’s not easy to dismiss a belief that’s been held for millions of years!

Meanwhile, both sides to the argument have been coming up with facts and counterfacts about the existence or non-existence of such a bridge! For now, it remains a source of mystery and intrigue for countless people like me who’re sitting on the fence about such an idea.

For example, some people have been able to prove that the carbon analysis of the bridge and the time of the Ramayana seem to sync perfectly! You may call it the Ramar Setu, the Nala Setu, or Adam’s Bridge depending on whose version you choose to believe. If you believe in the legend of Rama, it is Rama’s Setu, if you believe in the legend of Nala, it is Nala Setu. And if are a believer of Islam, this is Adam’s Bridge – named after the Adam’s Peak because according to yet another legend, Adam was supposed to have fallen on this part of the earth!

When viewed from a purely scientific point of view, the bridge is made of coral reefs with floating volcanic rocks. From a nature lover’s perspective, it is surprising how such a formation of reefs and rocks could have existing for such a long time!

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