Dhanushkodi Island – A Trip To The Ghost Town

October 18, 2017 By hotelrameswaramgrand Travel

A few hutments and the ruins of a church are all that remain in this last strip of land along India’s southern coastline.

A monstrous cyclone that hit the Pamban Island in 1964 reduced this once bustling town to ruin – it is now declared a ghost town!

Dhanuskodi was once a flourishing tourist attraction thanks to the legend of Rama who according to mythology had built the setu to Lanka. Ancient stories in the Ramayana, point towards Dhanushkodi as the place where Lord Rama had pointed to Hanuman to build a bridge. Ironically, this is where the Palk Strait begins!

Myth or not, the Palk Strait is a waterway between Sri Lanka and India, and is composed of coral reefs and shifting sand banks. During certain months of the year, it is a paradise for birds thanks to the hundreds of migratory birds that travel from as far as Australia. It is also a haven for people sea lovers – the unique colours of the sand and the waters are sure to mesmerize you! We do have one request though – please do not take back the sands or the rare shells. It is these shells that contribute to the unique sand colors.

Dhanushkodi is not for the typical tourist – people looking for touristy activities and planning to ‘do something.’ Rather, it is a place for a person looking to understand the magnificence of nature and our helplessness against its fury.

A trip to Dhanushkodi is a humbling experience. This is evident when you speak to the few villagers who now remain there – they share photographs of the place before the cyclone it Dhanushkodi, and then compare it with the present scene!

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